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Unzip Wizard adds Character to Zip Files

Zipping and unzipping files is a pretty common activity now. In order to reduce hard drive usage and speed up transfers files can be compressed or zipped up making them smaller. This is great but you need to unzip these files before you can use them. Though Windows has overcome this problem in recent years with a built-in zip function there are ways to do it in more style- like Unzip Wizard. Try the free trial before you buy!

Unzip Those Files in Style

Unzip Wizard is quite simply a program for unzipping compressed files. So long as they use the standard .ZIP extension you should have no problem using this software. While Windows may have this functionality built in now some prefer to do things their own way or use older versions of Windows. The software is rather simple looking but you do get treated to a fun cartoon drawing of a wizard at his PC! Unzipping is nice and easy just pick a file pick the contents you want and a destination to unzip to. It?s fool proof and hearkens back to a time when software had more charm.

No Zip?

Unzip Wizard is fun and friendly and certainly does what it advertises. However this incredibly basic task is covered by many programs with more depth and features. This program doesn?t zip files up it only unzips. Unlikely to be worth paying for the full version.


  • Super simple interface.
  • View zipped contents by file name or size.
  • Fun wizard art!


  • Windows has this covered.
  • Does not cover alternate zip types like .RAR.

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Unzip Wizard


Unzip Wizard 3.12.32 for PC

User reviews about Unzip Wizard

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Did not work for me.
    I could not unzip. Constantly says something went wrong. What a waste o time and energy.
    Cons: It shouMore

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